Big E BDay Party w/Area 301 & The Junior Bryce Band


Party details to come!

Show Time begins at 10:00pm

Enjoy dinner in The Tavern before

Area 301 is Maryland’s own, home grown, high energy hip hop rock band bringing together a multitude of music genres to create a live experience that takes you to a whole new dimension. From the smooth and sultry melodies of r&b to the deep street rhymes of hip hop and topped with the edgy ‘in your face’ sounds of rock all together bringing to the stage a vibe that projects their pride as Maryland’s own.

Their up-tempo rhythm, funky dance tunes and hard core rhymes bring everyone out to the dance floor. playing all original music with songs that the crowd can relate to, like, “Can I Still Hit It”, “Oh My”, “Gotta Have Your Love”, “Stressed” and the ever so popular, “Dear America”. Area 301 brings it front and center with a passion for showcasing their unbeatable talent and love for music while keeping it real and close to home.



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