Dana Parker, The R&B Rocka with Encore Band

dana2Please Join Ivy City as we welcome the amazing Dana Parker, The R&B Rocka with Encore Band. Come and hear why this dynamic group continues to delight and entertain thier loyal fans and make new ones at every show.
The Show is FREE and starts at 10pm.
The most unusual, progressive artists are revered, their eccentricities admired, and the world holds their art in high regard. With her own originalities, Dana Parker’s illustrious presence and distinguished talent is alluring. Magnetic. Her alternative R&B is a world of rhythm and soul that grabs your taste for the unconventional, while holding a relaxed grip on traditional R&B.

With a voice like the love child of Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill (a curious thought in and of itself), Dana bellows in an expression full of rasp and vigor. You can hear her wail against the energy of rock and roll, or croon in a style fit for blues.

 The recording industry saw her potential at an early age when she was signed to Biv10/Motown Records at age 13. Formerly a member of girl group Tomboyy, Dana held her own alongside label mates and master vocalists Boyz II Men, one of whom became her manager in later years. She wrote her first published lyrics as part of the East Coast Family in the 90’s, and went on to sign to other major record labels including Chucklife/Epic records, spearheaded by former BadBoy producer Chucky Thompson.

A producer, a writer, a singer, and a certified Audio Engineer, Dana has spent her lifetime living in music. She takes the term ‘performing arts’ to a level any professional would respect. Her lyrics not only entertain, but arouse the mind. She is the art of music.

The freedom of being an independent artist means doing what Dana does best, no holds barred. It means swinging the blues or rocking out R&B. It means being free to be unconventional. And if history is law, Dana Parker aims to be among the greats.

Facebook Page:  facebook.com/thernbrocka 

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