Miss Mojo

8/25/19 @ 8pm – 11pm

The concert will be accompanied by Cajun menu specials.

Miss Mojo is a soul-pop band based in New Orleans, LA that strives to move audiences through its potent songwriting and high-energy live performances. The band’s creative strength draws from neo-soul and New Orleans’ extensive funk tradition, producing smooth and soulful original music in which “hip” and “pop” flawlessly coexist. Years of playing in the city’s vibrant live music scene has sculpted Miss Mojo’s memorable performance style, which engages audiences and displays the band members’ passion for making music together. With the dynamic combo of Jenna Winston and Piper Browne serving as the voice of the band, Miss Mojo also seeks to use its platform to highlight the power of women through music.

In January of 2017, Miss Mojo released its debut EP, Up & Personal, a six-track album whose soulful ballads and body-loosening funk tunes demonstrate the band’s versatility. The group is slated to release its first full-length album, Love in Time, in late spring 2018. This new album displays the bands stylistic development as well as a more holistic approach to the album writing process. The record jumps between genres while simultaneously sticking to an overarching thematic element, leading the listener through a sonic and emotional journey of the ups and downs in love.

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