NoCoda & Aces and Chains



Please join us as we welcome NoCoda ( Led Zep Tribute) & Aces and Chains ( Alice In Chains Tribute) To Ivy City for a great night of Rock-n-Roll!!

Friday Nov 11

Doors @ 9pm    Showtime 10pm

This Is A FREE Show!!   Come check out what we git going on.


no-coda1As if forced through some 3rd dimensional Zeppelin wormhole that could not fit the big hair, the larger than life manager, or even the keyboards….the electrifying Nocoda came into being.

Nocoda is a new breed of tributation built for explosive live delivery of the mighty Zep’s music in a raw and mesmerizing way…but without the typical tribute jazz.

Catch these hammer gods before they are called to another dimension in need of Nocoda’s magic filled air energized by hypnotic vocals, face melting solos and thundering rhythms.

Nocoda….it’s a zeppelin thing



aces2Recognized as the premier Alice In Chains tribute band in the Mid-Atlantic region, Aces In Chains takes you on a journey across the past two plus decades through the haunting melodies and vocal harmonies of the legendary Seattle Rock Band.

Originally formed as Aces and Eights in 2007 J., Fisher, John, and Chris used their decades of combined professional musical experience and obvious onstage chemistry to wow crowds with a diverse collection of rock covers. However, even the casual observer or half-lucid bar patron noticed the uncanny note-for-note performance the band delivered on every Alice In Chains song.

Said one regular attendee, “… I’ve seen Alice In Chains in their hay day back in the 90’s, even saw them with their new lineup. When I heard J. and Fish belt out their Staley and Cantrell impressions, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. This band, as a whole, delivers a tribute performance indistinguishable from the original!”

Reforged as Aces In Chains, these four horsemen of the tribute apocalypse deliver all the classics such as “Man in the Box”, “Them Bones”, “Rooster”, “Nutshell”, and many more. They will give concert goers a seemingly impossible second chance to hear the Seattle-based rock powerhouse in all their original glory.

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