Roosevelt Dime w/ Jelly Roll Mortals

Friday Oct 28

Doors @ 9pm  Showtime 10pm



rd_band_08-smallRoosevelt Dime  Seamlessly combining the feel-good groove of classic Rhythm and Blues with acoustic Americana instrumentation, Roosevelt Dime has crafted an infectious signature style and sound. By following the strains of Americana back to its roots, they combine aspects of different genres to reveal their common core. Eben Pariser –with searingly soulful vocals — fronts the band with a passionate panache straight from the juke joints while swampy chords and swinging blues lines from his semi-hollow electric guitar thickens the sound. Andrew Green’s innovative piano-inspired banjo style, equal parts boogie woogie and bluegrass, locks in with the New Orleans clave rhythms of Tony Montalbano’s drums and Craig Akin’s syncopated upright bass. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the band started in the age-old New Orleans street busking tradition, only it was the bustling avenues of the Big Apple that nurtured their sound. Listeners from all walks of life were drawn to the undeniable positivity and crowd-sourced spontaneity at these revelries, and this literal grassroots community-building stuck with the band as they took their joyous beat from the city’s parks and subways to seek that same soul-deep connection with audiences worldwide. Armed with original songs of hope, love, and conviction that sound birthed from the cradle of American music yet still crucially relevant to the times in which we live, their performances are a “perpetual crowd pleaser” (New York Times) in any setting.

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