January 2, 2018


Smoked White Fish Salad

We selectively source only the plumpest 100 percent wild-caught Great Lakes whitefish, and sensibly brine with salt, brown sugar, subtle spices to accent the rich flavor of these hand-selected wild fish. We then hot-smoke with distinct American hardwoods to complement the buttery taste of this Great Lakes catch. Wild Whitefish is one of the few Read more about Smoked White Fish Salad[…]

Traditional Smoked Salmon

The highest quality Chilean Salmon are selected for this basic recipe. Minimal ingredients are used, bringing out the natural flavor of the fish. The flavor of the lean Chilean Salmon resembles the wild Salmon in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.    

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Smoked Trout Fillets

We source our Rainbow Trout from an aquaculture operation in the pristine wilderness of North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains. The fish are in our all natural marinade within a few days of being harvested. After brining, the fillets are mildly hot-smoked using a combination of applewood and hardwoods.  

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Gravlax Style Salmon

A Scandinavian classic cured with dill, salt, and other traditional spices. After the long cure, we put a hint of our signature American hardwood smoke and are left with a delicate dry cured, cold smoked product that is a perfect homage to the old world style of smoking we do at Ivy City Smokehouse.  

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Hot Peppered Smoked Atlantic Salmon

This recipe includes a crafted mix of spices and seasonings: cracked black pepper, garlic, and brown sugar. The filets are hot smoked to create a peppery balance of fish, spice, and smoke.  

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Smoked Salmon Candy

Organic honey and Brown Sugar combined with the smoke from fruitwoods and hardwoods flavor this Pacific Northwest Native American style delicacy. This combination of traditional and modern methods using select ingredients products a smokey, light and sweet salmon with a firm and flaky texture. Perfect by itself as a healthy high-protein and omega-3 snack, chopped Read more about Smoked Salmon Candy[…]

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NOVA Style Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Cured in the traditional Nova Scotia style, this balanced blend of high-quality salt, brown sugar and spices produce a wonderful, clean tasting and lightly smoked salmon. The sides are meticulously trimmed, removing the skin and all bloodline (gray meat). These sides are perfect for Delis and Bagel Shops.  

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Pastrami Style Cold Smoked Salmon

This is not your typical Pastrami smoked salmon. This 5-day painstaking process combining pastrami spices and mustard joined with the subtle flavors of the highest quality Chilean Salmon with the smokiness of pastrami. This unique combination of flavors is perfect for rye, pumpernickel or any kind of bagel.

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5th District Premium Smoked Atlantic Salmon

These sustainable Salmon fillets are dry cured using a traditional European style with sea salts, brown sugar, and spices. The fillets are smoked with a mix of distinct hardwoods that produce a silky textured cold smoked salmon.

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