March 9, 2018

Smoked White Fish Salad

We selectively source only the plumpest 100 percent wild-caught Great Lakes whitefish, and sensibly brine with salt, brown sugar, subtle spices to accent the rich flavor of these hand-selected wild fish. We then hot-smoke with distinct American hardwoods to complement the buttery taste of this Great Lakes catch. Wild Whitefish is one of the few native species that contain a high enough oil content to be smoked using traditional methods, the oils in this fish are unsaturated and contain healthy essential omega-3’s, Vitamin-D and potassium. We hand pick the delicate meat and lightly combine with a high-quality natural mayonnaise and a few spices to create a simple, delicious, and traditional whitefish salad.  The perfect topping for a bagel, or rye sandwich and is excellent as a dip with toasted country bread, crackers or tortilla chips.