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Smoked Salmon Candy

Organic honey and Brown Sugar combined with the smoke from fruitwoods and hardwoods flavor this Pacific Northwest Native American style delicacy.

Traditional Smoked Salmon

The highest quality Chilean Salmon are selected for this basic recipe. Minimal ingredients are used, bringing out the natural flavor of the fish.

Pastrami Cold Smoked

This is not your typical Pastrami smoked salmon. This 5-day painstaking process combining pastrami spices and mustard joined with the subtle flavors of the highest quality Chilean Salmon with the smokiness of pastrami.

Hot Peppered Smoked Salmon

This recipe includes a crafted mix of spices and seasonings: cracked black pepper, garlic, ad brown sugar.

About Us

Although Ivy City Smoke House is itself a young business, the people at the heart of the company have hundreds of years of combined experience in the seafood and food industries. Our buyers have been sourcing the finest seafood locally, nationally and internationally since 1984 and are local leaders in the movement toward sustainable fisheries.