Ron graduated from the Culinary Institute in 1972 and worked as a chef for local European restaurants and hotels until opening his own restaurant in 1977. In 1982 he began smoking meats and a variety of seafood in his restaurant smoker. Garnering many accolades from both customers and local chefs in 1984 he decided to go into the seafood smoking business and found a partner who owned a local seafood processing and distribution company. This first smoking business is where our two smoke masters began working together. Along with Ron’s cooking and smoking experience he went on to get graduate degrees in biology while taking many food science courses, and became the 8th certified research chef in the country. Food has been a career long passion and we sincerely believe you will experience this dedication in every bite.


Jesus came to this country at the age of 18 not knowing the language or a darn thing about smoking fish. He began working with Ron in 1984 and they have been working together since. Besides working in the DC metropolitan area, Jesus has worked with European and Floridian smokehouses. Smoking is both a science and an art. In order to master smoking and especially smoking fish, one must hone all 5 human senses, as color-sight, texture-touch, taste, aroma and even the sound of the equipment motors and dampers working properly takes time and skill if one wants a consistently great product. We believe Jesus is one of the top smokers of fish in the country, and we are always eager to have our products taste tested by all. Smoking is multi-step process: selecting the best raw material, storing and handling the delicate seafood properly, curing, smoking, chilling and packaging all must be done with an experienced and watchful eye in order to achieve the highest levels of quality. Lastly, we believe this process cannot be accomplished without passion as the driving force, and Jesus is full of passion and it shows in his craftmanship. Give our products a try, we think you will agree.