All of our smoked products are hand-selected and produced in small batches in our custom smokehouse in Washington, DC. We only use the freshest seafood, hardwood smoke and all-natural ingredients in each of our recipes. We never use chemicals or artificial colorings. Our Smoke Masters, one of whom is a Michelin-awarded Chef have been curing and smoking the widest variety of seafood in the US smoked seafood industry since 1984. We believe you will enjoy the results of our dedication to the highest levels of quality.

Cold Smoked

We hand cut each fillet, and dry cure in a time-tested traditional European style with sea salts, brown sugar, and select spices. The fillets are then smoked with distinct hardwoods to produce a silky-textured, cold-smoked salmon that bears our own unique and unforgettable flavor signature.

Hot Smoked

We fine-tuned and mild hot smoking over American hardwood gives our fish its distinctive flavor profile along with a flaky, moist texture making it perfect for a bagel, a sandwich, a salad, as an app with horseradish sauce, or just by itself. Our hot smoked fish products make a great heart-healthy, high in protein and omega-3s snack.